Before Enhancements

After Enhancements

At Al Fresco Landscaping, Inc., our management understands that our client’s landscaping is one of their most important assets. Our goal is to improve our client’s landscaping over time, and we use a two pronged method to achieve it:

    1. Maintenance practices – addressing routine care items on a weekly, monthly, and quarterly basis. We utilize a calendar of events customized per each client’s needs to provide the highest level of care.
    2. Audits – Our field management conducts audits of the irrigation, plant health, large tree health, and other site fixtures like above grade planters and pots on a routine basis. If deficiencies are found, we generate enhancement proposals to renovate an area in need. We can also provide before & after photos of an area like the ones below to show our clients how an area can look before they commit funds to a project.

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  • Renovations
  • Annual Flower Beds
  • Drought Tolerant Planting Beds
  • Xeriscape
  • Fountains, Pots, Above Grade Planters
  • Turf Conversions, Renovation, Synthetic Turf Installation
  • Tree Plantin
  • Bioswales
  • Design Services