Water management has fast become a forefront issue in the California landscape industry. With the cyclical drought periods over the past 30 years becoming less of a cycle and more of a constant, the company’s that have recognized this fact have grown and the one’s that haven’t have gone by the wayside.

Al Fresco Landscaping, Inc. recognized well before the last major drought that especially in the Bay Area and surrounding counties, water management was going to be a key component of our service offering.

 Al Fresco Landscaping is on the front line of Water Resource Management. We consider ourselves stewards of each of our client’s water resources, and we provide the oversight needed to protect them from unnecessary and costly monthly fees and penalties due to overuse and waste.

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      Our Irrigation staff conducts a thorough audit of each new client’s irrigation system, we then make recommendations on how they can save water, and thus money long term. Some of those recommendations are:


      1. Make sure clocks are set to water at optimum times – between 1:00am to 6:00am
      2. Set each station to water plant materials for time needed.
      3. Suggest Smart Controllers if warranted.
      4. Convert wasteful overhead spray heads to drip irrigation.
      5. Cap off or terminate areas that are no longer planted.
      6. Convert high water use plants to drought tolerant.
      7. Install mulch to hold in water, and prevent immediate evaporation.